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Tearing At The Seams
Label: Stax
Released: March 9, 2018

  1. Shoe Boot
  2. Be There
  3. A Little Honey
  4. Say it Louder
  5. Hey Mama
  6. Babe I Know
  7. Intro
  8. Coolin’ Out
  9. Baby I Lost My Way, {But I’m Going Home}
  10. You Worry Me
  11. Still Out There Running
  12. Tearing at the Seams
  13. I’ll Be Damned (bonus track)
  14. Boiled Over (bonus track)


Nathaniel Rateliff: vocals, guitar, piano, percussion
Patrick Meese: bass, drums, piano, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Mark Shusterman: piano, organ, electric piano, vocals
Luke Mossman: guitar, vocals
Joseph Pope III: bass, vocals
Andreas Wild: sax, clarinet, vocals
Jeff Dazey: sax, congas
Scott Frock: trumpet, flugelhorn
Eric Swanson: steel guitar
Richard Swift: piano, keyboards, vocals
Holly Laessig: vocals
Jess Wolfe: vocals