I Like Fun
Label: Idlewild Recordings
Released: January 19, 2018

1 Let’s Get This Over With
2 I Left My Body
3 All Time What
4 By The Time You Get This
5 An Insult To The Fact Checkers
6 Mrs. Bluebeard
7 I Like Fun
8 Push Back The Hands
9 This Microphone
10 The Bright Side
11 When The Light Comes On
12 Lake Monsters
13 McCafferty’s Bib
14 The Greatest
15 Last Wave


John Flansburgh: vocals, guitars
John Linnell: vocals, keyboards, woodwinds
Dan Miller: guitars
Danny Weinkauf: bass
Marty Beller: drums, percussion
Curt Ramm: trumpet
Chris Anderson: mellotron