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Another Summer Of Love
Label: Alive Records
Released: June 16, 2017

1 In The Desert
2 Hangin’ On
3 California Fantasy
4 You’re Already Home
5 (i wanna see u) All The Time
6 Strange Days
7 Sad Country Boy
8 Kathleen
9 The City Limits
10 I Don’t Wanna Lose You


Brent Rademaker: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Jonny Niemann: piano, organ, electric piano, keyboards
Jason Soda; vocals, guitars, pedal steel
Miranda Lee Richards: vocals
Pearl Charles: vocals
Sam Blasucci: vocals
Sammy Lea Smith: vocals
Trevor Beld Jimenez: vocals
Will Courtney: vocals
George Sluppick: drums
Pat Sansone: vocals