The Misanthrope Family Album
Label: Mal Records
Released: May 12, 2017

1 Wild Heart
2 S.O.S.
3 Carl
4 The Mystery Of Death
5 Dan And Mary Ann
6 Clean
7 Just A Satellite
8 Silver Tongue
9 You Don’t Hear Me Crying
10 Space Debris
11 The Anxious Entertainer


Rachel Brooke: vocals, guitar, electric piano, bass, percussion
Brooks Robbins: vocals, piano, percussion
Barry Van Guilder: banjo
TJ Rankin: bass, percussion
Andy Van Guilder: drums
Savannah Buist: fiddle, vocals
Shawn Densteadt: vocals
Zach Kelly: vocals
Tony Bones: electric guitar
Mike Cullen: electric guitar, percussion
Nick Carnes: guitar, electric piano, piano, percussion, vocals
Louis Osborne: guitar, percussion, vocals
James Jones: guitar, percussion, vocals
Ian Church: tuba