Big Bad Luv
Label: 4AD
Released: May 5, 2017

1 Sallisaw Blue
2 Old Wounds
3 Every Kind of Wrong
4 Love Is Not an Answer
5 Lies I Chose to Believe
6 Amen, So Be It
7 No Glory in Regret
8 Ain’t We Gold
9 Slow Down Easy
10 It Don’t Suit Me (Like Before)
11 Latchkey Kid


John Moreland: vocals, guitars, harmonica
John Calvin Abney: electric guitar, dobro, harmonica, piano, organ
Aaron Boehler: bass
Travis Boehler: bass
Paddy Ryan: drums, electric guitar, piano
Rick Steff: organ, piano, electric piano
Jared Tyler: bass, dobro
Michael Trent: vocals
Cary Ann Hearst: vocals
Taylor Goldsmith: vocals
Griffin Goldsmith: vocals
Hannah Moreland: handclapping