Canyons Of My Mind
Label: New West Records
Released: April 7, 2017

1 Heart of Wonder
2 Sleepwalker
3 Dirty Rain
4 Hazel
5 Rose Colored Blues
6 Better Way
7 Lauralee
8 Blood Hunters
9 Silk Flowers
10 Bourgeios King
11 What It Means To You


Andrew Combs: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion, bgvs
Dominic Billett: drums, percussion, bgvs
Michael Rinne: upright bass, electric bass
Ethan Ballinger: acoustic guitar, baritone ukulele, tenor guitar, electric guitar
Skylar Wilson: keys, percussion, bgvs
Jordan Lehning: keys, bgvs
Jim Hoke: pedal steel guitar, saxophone, flute, accordion
James Westfall: vibraphone
Caitlin Rose: vocals, bgvs
Erin Rae: bgvs
Lera Lynn: bgvs
Kristin Weber: violin and bgvs
Zach Casebolt: violin
Avery Bright: viola
Cassie Shudak: viola
Emily Nelson: cello
Melodie Chase: cello