Label: Jarrah Records
Released: March 3, 2017

1 Ironbark
2 Higher Ground
3 Not the Lonely
4 I Won’t Go Down
5 Important Things
6 Lion and Gazelle
7 Done and Dusted
8 Dirty Little Bird
9 Grand Plans
10 Something’s Coming
11 Syria
12 Amazing Everything
13 The Shack
14 Long Way from Home
15 Song For Jacqueline (Bonus Track)
16 Standing Strong (Bonus Track)
17 Sugar Mama (Bonus Track)
18 Don’t You Ever Feel (Bonus Track)
19 Strangest Thing (Bonus Track)
20 Take Me To Town (Bonus Track)
21 Goodnight Lil’ Cowboy (Bonus Track)
22 The Coast (Bonus Track)
23 Shiny Apple (Bonus Track)
24 Willow Tree (Bonus Track)
25 Take It In (Bonus Track)


Josh Cunningham: vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin, glockenspiel
Vikki Thorn: vocals, guitars, harmonica, mandolin
Donna Simpson: vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion

Ben Franz: double bass, pedal steel
David MacDonald: drums, percussion
James Newhouse: percussion