Band O’ Brothers
Label: independent
Released: December 27, 2016

1 Walkin’ Jack
2 Nancy Whiskey
3 Irish Yoga
4 South Australia
5 The Try-Works
6 The Cannibal King
7 The Notch
8 Big Jim
9 Of The Persuasion
10 It Ain’t A Real Martini
11 MILFord
12 Irish (We’ll Never Be)
13 The Whiskey Spider
14 The Brothers’ Anthem
15 The Andrew T. Polka


Anthony DePaolo: Lead and Rhythm Guitar Bass, Vocals
Steve DePaolo: Drums, Percussion
Chris Dube: Drums, Percussion
Jeff Dube: Rhythm Guitar
Gavin Malloy: Accordion, Piano
Mark Malloy: Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Anvil
Sean Malloy: Banjo, Mandolin, Vocals
Everyone: Background Vocals

Tom Boudreau – Bass
Lee Emery – Mapledene Bell
Seamus Monahan – Uileann Pipes