Terry Dolan
Label: High Moon Records
Released: November 25, 2016
Recorded: 1972 (previously unreleased)

1. See What Your Love Can Do
2. Angie
3. Rainbow
4. Inlaws And Outlaws
5. Purple An Blonde…?
6. Burgundy Blues
7. Magnolia
8. To Be for You

CD bonus tracks:

9. Inlaws And Outlaws (Take 18)
10. See What Your Love Can Do (Take 14)
11. Angie (Take 12)
12. Rainbow (Take 2)
13. See What Your Love Can Do (Take 12)
14. Inlaws And Outlaws (Dirt Leg Mix)


Terry Dolan: Guitar, Vocals
Nicky Hopkins: Piano
John Cipollina: Guitar
Greg Douglass: Guitar
Lonnie Turner: Bass
Prairie Prince: Drums
Spencer Dryden: Percussion
The Pointer Sisters: Background Vocals
Dallas Williams: Background Vocals
Pete Sears: Bass
Neal Schon: Guitar