Deep Water
Label: independent
Released: July 15, 2016

1 I’ll Fly Away
2 Deep Water
3 Saturn Bar
4 Amazing Grace
5 Shadow of the Pines
6 Oh Lord
7 Evil
8 Hurricane
9 I’ll Be Good to You
10 Black Horses
11 East Jesus
12 Silent Night
13 Fire and Brimstone


Elouise Walker: vocals, accordion, bandoneon
John Chamberlain: guitars, bass, drums, slide guitar, banjo
Rich Dembowski: guitars, piano, harmonium, banjo, vocals
Will Bongiovanni: bass, vocals
Michelle Beauchesne: cello

Dan Ames: pedal steel
Woody Aplanalp: steel guitar
Dave Aron: trumpet
Robert Aul: trombone, tuba
Colin Nairne: mandolin
Sam Prevost: clarinet
John Philip Shenale: string arrangements
David Stout: horn arrangements