A Lone Voice
Label: Mean Bean Records
Released: July 15, 2016

1 Change Is Gonna Come
2 Got Guns?
3 Tears On The Back Of Her Head
4 You Are Here
5 Necessary Evils
6 Puppet Master
7 Holding Your Hand
8 Body, Choice & Mind
9 Follow The Leader
10 The Beast
11 She Gives
12 Perfect Day


Pete Kronowitt: vocals, acoustic guitar
Phil Madeira: guitars, piano, organ, accordion
David Mansfield: guitars, mandolin, violin
Chris Donohue: bass
Dennis Holt: drums, percussion
Halley Elwell: vocals
Eric Kamm: vocals
Justin Hetrick: vocals
Jack Kertzman: vocals
Judith May: vocals
Jaimeson Durr: vocals