True Sadness
Label: Republic Records
Released: June 24, 2016

1 Ain’t No Man
2 Mama, I Don’t Believe
3 No Hard Feelings
4 Smithsonian
5 You Are Mine
6 Satan Pulls the Strings
7 True Sadness
8 I Wish I Was
9 Fisher Road to Hollywood
10 Victims of Life
11 Divorce Separation Blues
12 May It Last


Scott Avett: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, banjo, synth, percussion
Seth Avett: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion
Bob Crawford: bass, viola, guitarron, percussion, vocals
Paul DeFiglia: piano, electric piano, organ, contrabass, percussion, vocals
Tania Elizabeth: fiddle, percussion, vocals
Joe Kwon: cello, percussion, vocals
Mike Marsh: drums, percussion, vocals

Jason Lader: electric guitar, synth, drum programming
Dana Nielsen: mellotron, moog, harmonium