Blues Heaven
Label: Connor Ray Music
Released: May 16, 2016

1 Boom Boom
2 Money
3 She’s a Keeper
4 Blues Heaven
5 Put Down That Poison
6 Leaving Houston
7 Boomerang
8 I’m Her Fool
9 Gulf Coast Woman
10 All I Ever Do
11 Garden of Truth
12 Kind of Girl
13 Almost Like a Suicide


Mark May: vocals, guitars, slide guitar, harmonica
Dave Absalom: guitars, vocals
Ed Durante: guitar
Gary Jorgenson: drums
Tim Keefe: bass
Steve Krase: harmonica
Greg Martin: slide guitar
Matt Mees: drums
John Popovich: piano, organ
Hadden Sayers: guitar
Ted Basinger: trombone
John Bonham: trumpet
Eric Demmer: sax
Joe Reasoner: sax