Wild Pendulum
Label: Red River Entertainment
Released: May 13, 2016

1. Let Me Inside (Or Let Me Out)
2. Best Days On Earth
3. Ain’t That Something
4. Autumn
5. I Want To Capture Your Heart
6. All Night
7. The Neighbours’ Place
8. The Family Way
9. I’m Not The Fella
10. What’s Inside The Box?
11. Waves (Sweep Away My Melancholy)
12. I See The Moon


Francis Reader: vocals, guitars
Stephen Douglas: guitars, vocals
John Douglas: guitars, vocals
Paul Livingston: drums, percussion
David Hughes: bass

Dustin Arbuckle: harmonica
Ben Brodin: piano
Simon Dine: piano, organ, clavinet
Frank DiVanna: vocals
Judy Divis: viola
Tracy Dunn: violin
Paul Ledwon: cello
Mike Mogis: electric guitar
Susan Sanchez: vocals
Frank Seligman: violin
Nathaniel Walcott: bass, percussion, vocals, string arrangements