Love Wins Again
Label: Blue Elan Records
Released: April 8. 2016

1 Love Wins Again
2 Real Slow
3 When You Hold Me
4 Say You Will
5 Doorway
6 Moth to a Flame
7 Your House Is Burnin’
8 Just Another Lesson
9 Rain Down
10 Long as I Can See the Light
11 Who Will Come for Me


Janiva Magness: vocals
Alfredo Ballesteros: sax, vocals
Bernie Barlow: vocals
Brie Darling: percussion, vocals
Dave Darling: guitar, bass, vocals
Gary Davenport: bass
Garrett Deloian: guitar
Matt Laug: drums
Phil Parlipiano: piano
Ismael Pineda: percussion
Gary Pinto: vocals
Arlan Schierbaun: piano, organ
Zach Zunis: guitar