Label: Dualtone Music
Released: April 8, 2016

1 Sleep on the Floor
2 Ophelia
3 Cleopatra
4 Gun Song
5 Angela
6 In the Light
7 Gale Song
8 Long Way from Home
9 Sick in the Head
10 My Eyes
11 Patience
12 Where the Skies Are Blue (Bonus Track)
13 Everyone Requires a Plan (Bonus Track)
14 White Lie (Bonus Track)
15 Cleopatra [Acoustic Demo] (Bonus Track)


Wesley Schultz: vocals, guitar
Jeremy Fraites: drums, piano
Neyla Pekarek: cello, vocals
Byron Isaacs: bass, vocals
Simone Felice: percussion
David Baron: keyboards
Rick Mullen: guitar
Lauren Jacobson: strings