Here The Blue River
Label: Little Bliss
Released: March 25, 2016

1 Songbird
2 Margo
3 Moon And Waves
4 Zion Beach, 1999
5 Grass Stains
6 The River (Drifting)
7 Walk Away
8 Sirens
9 Premonition
10 This Old House
11 Songbird Reprise

Haroula Rose: vocals, guitar
Grey Gersten: guitar
Andy LeMaster: bass, percussion
Cedric Lemoyne: bass
John Neff: steel guitar
Ben Peeler: steel guitar
Zac Rae: guitars, keyboards, piano, organ, bass, banjo, bells
Garrett Ray: drums, percussion
Blair Sinta: drums, percussion
Luke Top: guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion
Jim White: keyboards