You Can’t Go Back If There’s Nothing To Go Back To
Label: Decor Records
Released: March 18, 2016

1) Leaving Bev’s Miner Club at Dawn
2) Wake up Ray
3) I Got Off the Bus
4) Whitey and Me
5) Let’s Hit One More Place
6) I Can’t Black it Out if I Wake Up and Remember
7) Don’t Skip Out on Me
8) Two Friends Lost at Sea
9) Three Brothers Roll into Town
10) Tapped out in Tulsa
11) The Blind Horse
12) A Night in the City
13) Easy Run

Dan Eccles: electric guitar, piano
Sean Oldham: percussion, vocals
Freddy Trujillo: bass, vocals
Willy Vlautin: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
John Askew: baritone guitar, electric guitar
Paul Brainard: pedal steel, trumpet
Jenny Conlee-Drizos: keyboards
Dave Harding: acoustic guitar