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Oh My Goodness
Label: Single Lock Records
Released: October 9, 2015

1. Erroll Flynn
2. If It s Really Gotta Be This Way
3. Memphis Women and Chicken
4. The Oldest Baby in the World
5. Tuscaloosa 1962
6. Them Old Love Songs
7. Foolish Heart
8. Lay It Down
9. Good As New
10. Temporarily Forever Mind
11. Choo Choo Train
12. Oh My Goodness

Donnie Fritts: vocals, electric piano
Allen Bransetter: trumpet
Crimson Fried: backing vocals
Caleb Elliott: cello
Bryan Farris: electric guitar
Ben Griner: trombone, tuba
David Hood: bass
Brittany Howard: backing vocals
Jason Isbell: electric guitar
Dave Jacques: bass
Daniel Jamieson: cello
Dylan LeBlanc: backing vocals
Gavin O’Connor: viola
Spooner Oldham: piano
Jesse Phillips: bass
John Prine: acoustic guitar
Lydia Rogers: backing vocals
Kimi Samson: violin, string arrangement
Amanda Shires: violin
Kevin Sledge: bass
Daniel Stoddard: steel guitar
Ben Tanner: piano, organ, clavinet
Reed Watson: drums, percussion
Jack White: backing vocals
John Paul White: guitars, vocals
Juliana White: backing vocals
Rebekah Whitehurst: violin
Reggie Young: electric guitar