Label: independent
Released: August 14, 2015

1. As Deep as the Sea
2. Until
3. In My Dreams
4. Only One Reason
5. I Won’t Let You Down
6. Please Let Me Stand
7. Waiting For You
8. Falling Apart
9. Other Side of the World
10. St Clare
11. We Are Full of Love (I Belong)

Brooke Penrose – Vocals and Guitar
Ryan McCarthy- Lead Guitar and Vocals
Brendan McMahon – Keyboards and Vocals
Mick Stylianou – Bass and Vocals


Ed Farrar, Greg Field, Ruby Cattell, Giles Warren, Stephanie Bell, Maddy McFarlane, Maddy Leman, Bek Chapman, Maree Fewster, Kevin Close, Katie Scott and Ryan Tandy