Americano Groove
Label: Line In The Sound
Released: June 9, 2015

1. Down in the Barrio (feat. Alejandro Escovedo)
2. Ya No Te Quiero Ver
3. How Can a Beautiful Woman Be so Ugly
4. How Long Is Patient
5. Adios Mamacita (feat. Kevin Fowler)
6. Muchachos Alegres
7. I Wanna Know Your Name (feat. Joe Ely)
8. Herido
9. Como Te Quiero
10. Big Night in a Small Town (feat. Rick Trevino)
11. Mentirosa
12. Polka Palitos

Max Baca: vocals, bajo sexto
Josh Baca: accordion
Noel Hernandez: bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Lorenzo Martinez: drums, guitarron, vihuela, percussion, vocals

Steve Berlin: sax, keyboards
Joe Ely: vocals
Alejandro Escovedo: vocals
Kevin Fowler: vocals
David Hidalgo: guitar
Jake Langley: guitar
Tania Marie: vocals
Augie Meyers: organ
Joe Novelli: slide guitar
Chris Rivera: vocals
Jack Sterbis: drums
Gabriel Sullivan: guitar
Rick Trevino: vocals
Gabriel Zavala: percussion