The Rose Of Roscrae – A Ballad Of The West
Label: Proper Records
Released: April 15, 2015

1. Overture (with Jimmie Dale Gilmore & Norwegian Wind Ensemble)
2. This Is the Last Frontier
3. Guilty/Johnny Behind-The-Deuce (with David Olney)
4. Sam Hall (with Johnny Cash)
5. The Rose of Roscrae
6. Hair Trigger Heart
7. He’ll Be Dead Before He Hits the Ground (with Joe Ely & Augie Meyers)
8. You Gotta Have a Dance/St James Hospital (with Fats Kaplin & Moses ‘Clear Rock’ Platt)
9. Ain’t No More Cane on the Brazos (with Jimmy LaFave & Gretchen Peters)
10. The Last Running
11. Home on the Range/America
12. Just a Closer Walk (With Augie Blood)
13. Cowboy Voices Beyond the Campfire (with Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Jack Hardy, David Massengill & Tex Ritter)
14. He Wasn’t a Bad Kid, When He Was Sober
15. The Sidekick’s Last Testament (with David Olney)
16. Johnny’s Campfire Soliloquy #1
17. The Unfortunate Rake/The Streets of Laredo (with A.L. Loyd & Jimmie Dale Gilmore)
18. The Hands of Damien
19. This Is the Last Frontier/Campfire Soliloquy #2
20. Carrickfergus/The Water Is Wide (with Finbar Furey)
21. The Fairground Pugilist (with Sourdough Slim)
22. Campfire Soliloquy #3
23. Campfire Ghosts/Cowboy Voices (with Blackie Farrell, Ross Knox, Glenn Orhlin & Pat Russell)
24. Crazy Horse/Custer’s Luck (with John Trudell & Thad Beckham)
25. Johnny Behind-The-Deuce #2—Molokai
26. She Talks to God
27. Rock of Ages/Gunpowder Sunset Overture
28. The Water is Wide/Overture (with Maura O’Connell & The Norwegian Wind Ensemble)
29. I Talk to God (with Maura O’Connell)
30. The Bear (with Eliza Gilkyson)
31. The Railroad Boy (with Eliza Gilkyson)
32. Resurrection Mountain
33. When the Wolves No Longer Sing (with Gretchen Peters)
34. Just a Closer Walk with Thee/The Gospel of John, Chapter 4
35. Jesus Met the Woman at the Well (with Eliza Gilkyson)
36. Damien (A Crust of Bread, A Slice of Fish, A Cup of Water)
37. Guadalupe/Valentine de la Sierra (with Gretchen Peters & Ana Gabriel)
38. Poor Mother Mexico
39. Gallo del Cielo (with Joe Ely & Ian Tyson)
40. Soliloquy #1/Swiss Yodel Choir (with Swiss Yodel Choir)
41. En Canadien Errant (with Bonnie Dobson)
42. He’ll Be Dead Before He Hits the Ground #2 (with Joe Ely & Augie Meyers)
43. Doin’ Hard Time in Texas
44. When I Was a Cowboy aka Western Cowboy (with Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Guy Clark & Dan Penn)
45. West Texas Montage
46. Old Rattlebag Blues (Soliloquy #2)
47. Midnight Wine
48. Whiskey in His Blood
49. Tularosa
50. Irish Medley/The Stable
51. Isn’t It Grand? (with Gurf Morlix, Eliza Gilkyson, Augie Meyers & Pat Manske)
52. The Rose of Roscrae (with Maura O’Connell)