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Hard To See Trouble Coming
Label: Veritas
Released: January 6, 2015

1. Hard To See Trouble Coming
2. If I Could Only Close My Eyes
3. An Angel Who Sings Just Like Jacqui McShee
4. Chemtrails
5. All Of This Is Mine
6. If You Won’t Break My Heart, I Don’t Stand A Chance
7. Tennessee & Pancho
8. An Act Of Kindness
9. The Love Of My Dreams
10. The Kildalton Cross

Victor Krummenacher: vocals, guitar, bass
Bruce Kaplan: steel guitar, keyboards, mandolin, percussion
Paul Olguin: bass
John Hanes: drums
Loralee Christenson: vocals
Rich Kuhns: accordion
Jonathan Segel: mandolin
Katy Sloan: violin
Chris G. Miller: guitar
James Sasser: vocals